Are You “That” Fan???

Are You “That” Fan???

Why is it that we care SO much that sometimes our very personalities change when we are in “fan mode” ?

The Multi Sport Kid or the Specialist

Over the past few days there has been an interesting stat going around stating that 29 of 32 first round picks in the NFL draft were multi-sport athletes in High School. It’s a certainly an eye popping arrow in the quiver of the “kids shouldn’t specialize” proponents,...

Modern Motivation; Chip on the Shoulder and Proving the Haters Wrong

I’m getting old and I’m slowly accepting it. Yes, this is one of those articles in which an old guy talks about how the culture has changed. Growing up, I just don’t remember the idea of “proving people wrong” or doing something with a “chip on my shoulder” being so...

If Every Profession Had A Draft

I love watching the draft and always have but when you really think about it, why do we not question this bizarre entry into a career field?

The Wisdom of a 6 Year Old

I’m not sure how existential the motivations are of the average 6-year-old who is challenging everyone with the ultra-effective “why” bombs, but when it comes to sports and competition, I think we might want to take a lesson from these little crusaders of reasoning…