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Offering a balanced perspecitve and some nuanced thinking about the role that sports and competition have in our lives and in our society.
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The Multi Sport Kid or the Specialist

Over the past few days there has been an interesting stat going around stating that 29 of 32 first round picks in the NFL draft were multi-sport athletes in High School. It’s a certainly an eye popping arrow in the quiver of the “kids shouldn’t specialize” proponents,...

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Modern Motivation; Chip on the Shoulder and Proving the Haters Wrong

I’m getting old and I’m slowly accepting it. Yes, this is one of those articles in which an old guy talks about how the culture has changed. Growing up, I just don’t remember the idea of “proving people wrong” or doing something with a “chip on my shoulder” being so...

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Public Speaking Engagements

Scott Mattera is available to speak at your school, church*, or corporate event on topics ranging from;


  • Healthy Vs. Unhealthy Competitive Mindsets
  • Purpose Based Competition in Sport and The Workplace
  • Coach Vs. CEO What They Can Learn From Each Other and What They Shouldn’t
  • Sports and Their Role in Personal and Social Identity
  • Have Sports Become a Religion?
  • More Than Conquerors – Why and How Should a Christian Compete*
  • The History of Sport and It’s Role in Society

From 10 minute talks to hour long keynotes, Scott’s passion for people and how these topics affect their lives shines through in each message. Mixing fact based studies, stories, personal anecdotes, humor, and thought provoking questions, he both challenges and entertains audiences from kids to coaches to administrators, and CEO’s.

Email to Inquire About Topics and Dates:


* Coach Mattera makes no secret of his Christian Faith, but all messages are tailored to the group being engaged. Thus strong faith based ideas will come through in messages to Church and parochial school based groups, while secular groups and businesses won’t feel like they are being preached to.

  About Our Founder

Scott Mattera

  • 20+ Years of coaching experience from elementary school kids to college athletes
  • 10+ Years in college classrooms teaching courses on coaching, sociology, psychology, and sport management
  • 20+ Years running small businesses from financial advising to real estate development to sports clubs and facilities.
  • Undergraduate in Business Management and Masters in Liberal Studies with a focus on Sociology of Sport

“I’ve both succeeded and failed in every one of these experiences and that realism is what brings life to the message.”



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